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Top 3 Strangest Video Games

You might call a game like Pac-Man pretty strange. After all, it’s about a yellow guy with a great big mouth, going on a mission to eat white pellets. There are ghosts as well, and who really knows where they tie in. The point is, if you look at old games too hard, you realise they are extremely bizarre.

However, based on the fact that old games were working under extremely tight technological limitations, it’s easy to understand why they were a bit strange. Modern games, like those you find at a casino no deposit site or for PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo on the other hand, have much less excuse when it comes to being unusual. After all, a person can create just about anything they want. So why exactly are these next 5 games so wacky?

1. Katamari Series

The premise of the Katamari games is simple; roll around as a great big ball, and gather random objects on your exterior, increasing your size. That in itself is a pretty strange idea for a game, but add to the fact that the storylines in the Katamari games are so extremely peculiar that you might think you accidentally took a tab of LSD, and you have perhaps the strangest game series in history.

Katamari Forever spins a bizarre tale about a king that blows up all the stars in the universe, gets knocked out, and is replaced by a robot version of himself, who is on a mission to replace the missing stars. It’s as odd as it sounds.

Note that this game series is Japanese, because we’ll be seeing more from the land of the rising son before this list is complete.

2. Seaman

Seaman is a legendary game, not just because it’s astonishingly bizarre, but because it is often overlooked as being a groundbreaking video game experiment. The idea of the game is that you hatch, and raise, a Seaman. What is a Seaman? Why, it’s a weird fish creature with a human face, of course. Japanese made, as we said.

Once Seaman has hatched, the game treats your television as an aquarium, where Seaman lives, eats, and does other Seaman things. Oh, and also you can talk to him, and he back to you. Literally. Seaman listens, learns about you, and remembers conversations. For an old game, it was extremely ambitious, but that makes it no less bizarre in its delivery.

3. Shaq-Fu

Everyone can agree that Shaquille O’Neal is a legendary basketball player. And everyone can also agree that putting him in a video game is a great idea. But, you might get a few raised eyebrows if pitching the idea that he start in a video game about kung fu fighting.

Of course, had the game been good, people may have overlooked the bizarre concept. But, sadly, the game was not very good, to such an extent that the game has become the stuff of legend. A wacky game, with a bizarre premise, that is not even very good at being a fighting game. What were they thinking?

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