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Slots Casinos

The slots are slot machines that run in which, at least in the classical version, three or more discs or drums with symbols. The expression “a gunman” appeared as the original functions to one side of a lever with which the game began. But today there is more space to work with buttons.


The first slot machine was invented by Charles Frey in San Francisco. He has worked extensively dealt with the problem that when using casino pokies online as a game concept changes when you try to pass a sheet of 52 cards with five cards in each round, and not have to be an almost endless possibility a simple mechanism not can. After Frey had made several failed attempts, he finally decided on a radical reduction of combinations. He also replaced the cards with five different symbols, and only three mobile phones instead of the usual five in the cards. Now Frey could capture with his mechanics all options and cash with him to take immediate advantage of the machine. After one of the symbols of using the device he dubbed “Liberty Bell”. Frey offered little to supply and caused a boom in the United States. Everywhere we wanted to have fun machines.

The idea proved to be a great success – left at the end of the reading, is the second most popular and lucrative for games grossing more than 60% of revenues in the United States. In Brazil, the practice is prohibited by law.

The technology of slot machines has also changed over the years. Metal classic designs were exchanged for almost all computer-controlled machines. But the game remains the same. The player pulls a lever to a series of pulleys (usually three), turn images are printed on them. Victory or defeat is determined by the line of pictures with the pay line determines a line in the center of the crystal through which. If any part shows the same number in the payline, you win. Sometimes they are also winners. How much is gained (premium) depending photos appeared on the payline.

The classic design of the slot machine works with a complex configuration of gears and levers. The central part is a metallic shaft, which carries the rollers. This line is connected to a lever mechanism, which connected moving parts. Braking system causes the rollers is stopped and the position of the sensor coil assumes communicate in the system. Currency Detector, the first salvo of a coin was introduced and released the brake and move the lever.

Another early type of slot machine was developed in 1891 in New York by Pitt and Sittman. Map symbols were used in the five reels and concept of the game was poker. The operation was simple. One pulled a lever and the machine made a random page, as if they were given five cards in a card game. Depending on which hand, you win. Because the machine is charged to profit in a position to pay the price of a bar. This could, for example, cigarettes two aces for a beer or a package for a triple. Each restaurant itself can determine what price must be paid. The new machines quickly became very popular and widespread.

The first slot machine was brought in 1964 by Bally to the company in the market and had the “Money Honey” name.

Modern slot machines

There are many different casino slot machines like you can play real money slots online. Besides the classic mistake of casinos may be “ticket, ticket out” machines that can be played with a card already loaded found. In large casinos in Las Vegas are generally paris 1 percent to $100. Control options have also increased. Besides the classical law of the lever to control the machine with buttons or a touch screen was normal. While there are many different games, but almost all are based on the ancient principles of the slot machines. First, they will be partially offset by the often complex electronic possibilities. One of the “video poker” most popular games offered numerous variants and provides many ways to influence the players during the game.

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