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Video Poker Strategy

Video poker is currently the most popular variant of poker. In this variant, apart from the own cards, there are also community cards that all video poker players can use. The full hand is dealt with in the following way from handing out cards to comparing hands each video poker player receives two face down cards known only to him the poker round of betting video poker takes place three exposed community cards are detected on the table second the round of betting, the fourth uncovered common card is detected on the table, the video poker round of betting video poker takes place, the fifth face up card is detected on the table, the video poker and final casino round of the auction takes place, cards are detected and the winner of the hand is selected. The strongest arrangement of five cards is created in any proportions from the best two cards from the hand and five community cards. This is the entire structure of the game - now it should be supplemented with a number of details, including the description of the auction.

Before the cards are dealt, the video poker player immediately behind the dealer casino. Dealer, according to the clockwise, must pay a mandatory plant opening the so called. Small blind while the next video poker player pays the big blind twice the small blind. These bets are designed to start betting. When the blinds are already paid, the dealer deals two cards face down clockwise, one in each of two separate laps starting with the video poker player who pays the small blind and ends. Own cards hole cards are cards known only to the video poker player who received them.

When video poker players become familiar with their own cards, the first video poker round of betting takes video poker place. It starts with a video poker player who sits directly behind a huge dark one under the gun. It has three options fold , that is, dump the cards not detecting them, thus giving up the further participation in this hand call which align the previous bet in this case, a large dark remaining the same in the pot, pierce the basket called.

In unlimited games, there is no limit to the maximum raise you can always bet all your chips. In unlimited games, there is also no limit to the number of raises. Once this video poker player has made his move, the next player immediately follows three identical options. Regardless of what the predecessor did, he can fold, check or make a raise if the predecessor has pierced, video poker players make decisions according to the above scheme. The video poker player with the best hand wins the hand and thus wins the pot. Then the next hand takes place the dealer is the video poker player who in the previous hand made a small blind.

When it comes to the video poker players who have made blind bets, they also have the options listed above, however, as they have made blind bets, they must be included in the bills. Assuming, for example, that the big blind has been defeated by large blinds, to check this bet, the video poker player paying for the small blind must pay extra to the big blind, then pay 3 more big blinds, and the big blind player to check the bet, must pay extra 3 large blinds in this situation, each video poker player in the game has paid the equivalent of 4 large blinds.

When all video poker players in the hand deposit the same amount of chips, you can go to the next stage of the game. It should also be added that in the situation when there is no raise everyone will only check the bets in the blind and the bid goes to the player who has paid the big blind, it turns out that everyone participating in the hand has already paid the same amount of chips, but the video poker player he did not have the opportunity to make a raise this is the only such case in the game, when after betting, the player can still make a raise.

However, if any bet is not checked by anyone, the hand at the moment ends with the victory of the video poker player who placed the bet. The next stage of the game is lining on the table three community cards called flop. Then the second round of betting takes place. It starts with the first player in the hand behind the dealer clockwise. Raise , or to increase the previous bet the minimum height of raise in each betting round, the height of the previous bet at least the big blind from the given round of betting.

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